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I understand some of your frustration, but you are correct-your options seem to be much more limited. I have some questions for you. I believe you said that your sense of touch was different. Do you mean that certain areas of your skin are numb and tingling. Also do you feel pressure sensations and or tingling inside your head-on any part of your back or neck? I also don't believe that my symptoms can be all chalked up to stress or anxiety. However, this whole situation is probably causing you to stress out, worry, and be anxious. I think because I have had so many tests-and nothing has been found-a certain level of anxiety has decreased. My brain mri and all of the tests that I suggested you get-all came out negative-(my spine mri was rescheduled to next week).
Doctors have such a hard time dealing with symptoms that they can't figure out that they immediately blame stress or anxiety. I truly think that this is some kind of pressure being put on nerves in my spine-but this is an extremely tricky diagnosis. Initally i felt after I got a deep tissue massage-but then I went to see a chiropracter (a friend who had numbness and tingling on the right side of her body was healed after several visits) Anyway he manipulated my spine and tried accupressure and my symptoms increased instead of decreasing-he told me to go back to my neurologist and ask for an mri of my spine-he had also seen several people with similiar head-neck symptoms that had taken the same medication that I had. I have no trouble whatsover sleeping. in fact lying down makes me feel better-my symptoms are not as intense. I honestly believed as I mentioned to you before that this could be damage for continusly leaning over- I'm in my tenth year of college and I spent countless hours bent over writing and grading papers. I haven't lost my ability to reason-but I am slightly slower than I was before-It takes me a little longer sometimes to put ideas together-but my husband has assured me it is nothing obvious. The psychologist I saw (To deal with the physical symptoms and the trouble they were creating-not because the symptoms were suspected to have mental origins) told me that people with chronic headaches and pressure sensations inside the head often suffer from short term memory problems-she explained that this was temporary and would go away when the pronblem did--it occurs because your brain is focusing on the odd sensations-essentially your brain is distracted by your symptoms. I look normal-I act normal-I just don't feel normal. People I have told about my symptoms have mentioned that they never would have guessed while others have mentioned that I often look like I'm in pain. Until what is wrong with you is actually discovered, there are things that can help you deal with the odd sensation (or lack of) as well as any nerve pain you might have--BIOFEEDBACK for example. Right now I am taking a drug called NEUROTIN (I resisted taking any medication for several months after the strange reaction I had to the last one) anyway this is a prescription drug used to treat epilepsy but my neurologist says that he and other doctors have had some sucess treating nerve pain and odd nerve sensations such as numbness and tingling-and he has also said that sometimes whern there is a nerve trauma-sometimes the other nerves in your body can get out of whack-and this might be able to reset them.(again not due to a psychological reason causing anxiety-but a physical trauma to a nerve or nerve network) DO NOT TAKE ANY MEDICATION WITHOUT DISCUSSING IT WITH A DOCTOR-THIS MEDICATION IS NOT WITHOUT SIDEEFFECTS. and after two weeks it is only providing slight relief. If you can not find another neurologist-try seeing a different family doctor or general doctor-go over your symptoms-explain the concerns about your spine (a simple xray will not not show nerve damge or a nerve that is compromised due to pressure applied to it). If you can't get an MRI at this point-see if it is possible to get a CT skan of your brain-In the meantime do not let a doctor talk you into taking anti-deppressant drugs-unless you truly feel that this could be the route of your problems (and what what you've said-it doesn't think so) As far as your parents are concerned---a firmly believe that we are often better judges of what is going on in our bodies as medical doctors. I don't know what to tell you about dealing with them-this is why I would also suggest seeing a pyschologist-(not a pyschiatrist) you may need someone to discuss your frustrations with--and thay may also have some ideas about how to deal with them. I see a pyschologist on campus-is it possible that your university might have one? I hope that some of this is some help--and I do relalize that you do not have acess to alot of the testing and doctors that I do-just keep doing the best you can and I'll keep you informed if they find anything--Denise

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