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Iím not saying that these symptoms are caused by some fatal illness or a tumor,Iím just open to all of the possibilities.
What worries me most,is that my numbness is not occurring sporadically, and itís not localized to any part of my body.I mean my whole body is affected in equal level.I would feel much better if the numbness was occurring in just one part of my body(leg,handÖ),but thatís not the case.All my senses are reduced(not just touch,I just noticed that first).I mean every information that brain perceive from all the sensory nerves is degraded.Including my sense of pain,taste,feelings of hunger,perception of sounds(for an example: I have to really concentrate on music,when I want to completely recognize sound ),Iím not sure that my vision is impaired,because its so hard to determine that. Also Iím too sensitive to bright light,especially strobes.
When I say that my symptoms are not occurring sporadically,I mean that Iím feeling numbness all the time(my condition doesnít get any better),it just ďdropsĒ to a lower level (when I donít have enough sleep),and stays constant until next degradation.Iíve experiencing a pressure sensation in my head(often followed by slight ringing in my ears) from time to time,but thatís very rarely. One time(before couple of months) I also had a strange itching all over my body(that was not localized),every single part of my body itched, it lasted for about 2 min. and suddenly stopped.
I did some of the blood work,and only irregularity was the increased level of lymphocytes in the blood differential.Iím definitely going to do some more blood analysis as soon as I see my family doctor.Iím planning to see a doctor after this weekend,and now it feels like Iím starting from the beginning.Iím just hoping that I donít get tired explaining my symptoms over and over again.cause they are so hard to describe.I have a feel that the doctors would take me more seriously if I talked about life on other planets, rather than just describing my condition. Terrible irony,I know.
Everybodyís sayin that my condition is very oddÖthatís all I get for now.

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