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hello all. can relate. i have had a severe headache for a month now which has totally disabled me in that i can not do ANYTHING that requires exertion because the pain gets worse and it feels like my head will explode. well anyway, in trying to find reason for headache, i had mri which showed that i have a non functioning pituitary tumor AND an arachnoid cyst. To my horror, my neurologist, a neurosurgeon and a brain tumor specialist all agreed that i do not require surgery to remove either because they are NOT the cause of my headache pain and they are too small to remove at this time. HOWEVER, i was also informed to watch for any vision problems or change in headache pain or the onset of any other problems because the cyst and the tumor will have to removed "sooner than later" but not right now. i was just reading last night that if an arachnoid cyst goes untreated it could cause severe medical problems. i guess my drs want me to get very close to an emergency situation before they are willing to help. its too bad that these drs fear to do their jobs. i believe alot of it has to do with malpractice suits. anyway, i will keep everyone posted. i have been put on elavil for the headache pain, told to stay home from work for 2 more weeks, go back to neurologist in 6 weeks and in meantime have family dr order heart test just to rule out every other reason for me to have such severe head pain. c ya later.

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