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[QUOTE=staind00]I went to my neurologist the other day because I have had really severe pressure in my head. Almost to the point where I cant take it anymore. Before this i had a migraine problem but my migraines seemed to ease down and now i have this pressre problem. I dont usually get a headache after the pressure, only once in a while when it is really bad. He wouldnt listened to me and insisted it was migraines. I also get bad pain in my right temple, but not like a migraine. And sometimes it hurts to touch.

I also have a 1.5 choroidal fissure cyst in my brain, does anyone have any idea what this could be, the shooting pains, the pressure, anything? any info would be appreciated.. thanks so much[/QUOTE]

Hi there, I've been dealing w/ head-prssr for many yrs. Later my research took me to un-diag. tumor & bone infection in tmpl, sinus nerves near ear. The CN5
or Trigeminal nerve has 3 branches & is above & near tmpl. I had massive hd-
prssr & tmpl hurt to touch. Made squish sound sometimes. Ear fullness & hd-
fog. Many docs & tests. Later surgeries. Fixed the tumor but not hd-prssr? I
think it's that nerve spasming or inflammation from it's blood flow. Neuro's have
been insulting & throw out things like Prozac, Neurontin etc. None wk'd. Quick
sudden stabbing pains in 1 tmpl can be serious. Mine was diag. w/ a Coronal CT
& tumor found by me! Told OK, but went to 3 docs to ? the film spot. Kept saying it's a shadow or cyst. `What U see isn't!' Finally 1 took pity & path.
report looked very bad. Mine was a rare problem but still triggers the trig-nerve. Inflammation nearby will spasm that nerve. Any same-side eye problem
or cheek pain or upper back tooth ache? I use 1 mg Xanax & rest. 20min., the
prssr pops! Xanax is for anxiety but also wks. on relaxing the trig. nerve. Docs
don't really know meds. I don't have anxiety attacks except going to see them!
There's a `silent hdache' that reads bizarre. Like they make noises? Pinched
nerves in neck can cause prssr too. Ask for a MRI C-spine. It's awful when it
hits & I hope my 6th neuro I go to next mo. won't be so close minded. Any
other symtoms? I've heard of the fissure. It can cause severe migraines.
I think if it gets much bigger, surgery is needed. You should ask alot of ?'s.
Stay in touch.

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