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I have numbness and tingling throughout my body and was prescibed trazodone. I started feeling pressure in the back of my head and chest- . the following morningit seems like muscle tightness and or spasms. I was on an extremely small dose-but was kept on it even though i was having these hideous symptoms for close to two months- the doctor and his nurse kept telling me it took time to get used to the medication. He finally took me off of it after he realized that I seemed oversensitive to it. I still have the pressure in my head and chest as well as strange tingling sensations in my head- I saw a chiropracter hoping he might be able to help, but my symptoms got worse. Has anyone had a similiar reaction to this drug or other drugs that manipulate serotonin levels. I still have the same problems I started out with plus the new ones that I believe were caused by the prescription drug. My brain function was fine before I took the drug but now my short term memory is affected- and I am extremely uncomfertable all day. I've had an MRI of my brain and nothing was found. Any ideas? I am a sixth year Phd student close to finishing my degree and I have two small children--I need to find out what is wrong and how to get better. Even my new neurologist is running out of ideas- he is having a hard time believing that the drug caused my condition to worsen. After two horrible months of trying to deal with my symptoms without medication- he convinced me to give neurotin a try. Ive been taking it for two weeks and no bad side effects- It's not helping yet either though.

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