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Re: Back of head
Feb 2, 2005
hi joe2

i dont know if this will help, but ive been having similar symptoms. I noticed a lump at the base of my neck a couple of years ago. I am housebound, so i was unable to get it checked out by the doctor, but my mum said she knew someone with the same thing, and it was tension. I have anxiety so i thought it was probably tension caused by the anxiety.
I noticed more recently that is has gone 'further up' and sometimes its like i can feel something inside my head , just a couple of inches up from the base of my scalp on the right side, i know this has come from my neck, and it could be tension, as ive been under a lot of stress since i first noticed all this. Like yourself, i worried it could be something else like a tumour or anyeurism(sometimes i feel a build up of pressure, lke its going to 'burst') but yet have to see a doctor about this.
But reading your story, im wondering if it could be all tension related.
Im sure the doctor would have noticed if it was anything more serious.
I suppose you could always ask for a scan, just to put your mind at rest.

Hope this helps

sbs x :wave:

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