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My problem started with very localized pains in the top back corner of my head. Like a lightening bolt shooting down my brain. This progressed into full blown migrains, dizziness, and I began seeing floaters. My doctor sent me for skull films and an MRI. Both came back negative. He prescribed me zanex based on me telling him I was under a great deal of stress and was wondering if this was my problem. He also suggested I see an eye doctor for the floaters. I went to the eye doctor and told them my issues and they did a full exam, this showed nothing. The zanex is working and I take this once a day. My doctor told me to try taking it every other day, I tried this and this weekend I had the worst symptons yet. The pain in my head was much more severe and the dizziness was so bad I really could not stand up. Since catching up and taking the pill once a day, I am feeling ok again. I still sense the problems but they are not debilitating.

Is this stress/pinched nerve or something else? I am concerned if he changes the prescription that whatever I get will not work either because he does not want me on zanex for a long time.

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