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Over the past couple of years or so, i've been having this localized head pain at the top of my head, on my left side. i've also noticed some slight swelling around my left eye. and if i press my finger on the inside corner of my left eye, it makes some kind of squishy sound...

vision on my left eye has also seemed to be affected. i'll see tiny streaks or tiny spots of brightness in my vision, some of the time it is slightly blurry, will go away, but comes back.

i've also noticed a lot of twitching pretty much all over, but mostly my legs, thighs & calves. i'll get spasms elsewhere too. arms, fingers, back, neck, face...

i also noticed an increase in tinnitus, ears ringing over the time. it's constant, louder on my left ear. i've also had louder ringing, or beep on either one of my ears that will come and go rather quickly, but definately noticeable. also, my left ear does a loud popping sound every once in a while. not the small popping sound you get when you open your mouth, or swallow, this is definately louder. also some ear pain that comes and goes.

i have noticed increased feeling of lightheadedness, and some dizzyness form time to time. few weeks ago i got a case of vertigo when i was bending over to pick something up.

i'm writing this now because, just last night the pain at the top of my head was really severe, it came and went, but it did wake me up. i moved around and was able to get back to sleep. then it came back and woke me up again. felt like someone hit me with a hammer. also noticed it when i stood up from the bed.

the head pain is still there right now (i'm at work), it will come and go, but it does hurt, as well as my other problems (twitching, vision, ears...)

i have gone to the doc for a diagnosis of sinusitis (left nostril get stuffed), left side of my facial sinuses feel stuffed.

i have normal appetite, no nausea or vomitting, no seizures, no real headaches, except for that localized pain on the top-left side of my head... haven't really noticed any cognitive or thinking problems, and if i do, it is usually because i'm thinking about the "problems" i'm having (twitching, head pain)

i also have a cell phone that i've been using that cause a LOT of static on other electronics. car radio, computer monitor, and my office landline phone. i notice i get some weird feeling on the left side of my head/same area when i use it (i use my left ear for the cell phone).

all of this has thrown me into a slight depression thinking it could be a very serious illness, and i dont think i can take it if it were. i'd rather end it than live through something like this and have it affect the rest of my life.

reasons i haven't been to the doc is that i have no car right now, and no health insurance. i just started this job and will be fulltime with insurance in a couple of months (contract to hire). i hope i can last until then to make a doctor's visit and get a diagnosis.

are these signs of a brain tumor, or aneurysm, or maybe an acoustic neuroma? i'm 24, but that probably has little to do with it. i work on a computer all day, and at home... i've noticed i have very bad posture, spine curvature is bad. i was also a heavy smoker of marijuana for about a year and a half (unemployed), almost every day. i do notice though, that when i smoke, a lot of my symptoms would go away. no head pains, and less twitching. but it was starting to affect my throat, so i stopped smoking altogether. with this pain today, i might take a puff and see if it helps.

thanks for listening.

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