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Hello - I have been reading some of the threads here and thought I would post my symptoms to see if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction.

I am having a very hard time sleeping at night. I have a very full feeling in my head. Not a headache. It feels as if my whole head is full of water or something and it wants to get out. But, there is no pain. It is very uncomfortable and keeps me up, and unable to sleep. I do at times have some twitching of small nerves in my left hand, and at times my right eye twitches a bit. I saw my doctor a month ago, and he told me my ears were very full of fluid, and that it would drain.

I am wondering if it is possible that my head is not full of fluid, and something else is happening. My full feeling is not in the front sinus area, or in the inner ear area. IT feels as if it is in the back of my head, and the top. It almost feels as if I should shake my head to make it stop.

I am 30 years old, male, and take Atenolol for a rapid heartbeat(SVT).

thankyou for reading.

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