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Hey everyone, for over a year now i get tingiling sensations 24/7 usually down 1 side of the body!! the sensations start at the top of my head, then travel down to my feet!! then when they reach the feet, they usually go back up the route it came down on!! i do get numbness at times, but not the whole arm, or leg goes numb, only where the crease is in the arm or leg, that part goes numb. also when i lay on my left side, i will shake!! for 4months now ive been also getting vision disturbances to. 24/7 i keep seeing white or silver dots going around me, when i stand up, or sit!! its kind of like stars im seeing going around me, there like silverish, when i follow them around me i get dizzy. these dots move, when i move!! strange, but this is whats happeing!! any ideas!! i dont know myself!! i do get pain at times in my head!! had a cat scan done a month ago was negative, had a mri of my brain 10mnths ago was negative, so i dont know!! anyone have any idea whats happening!! thank you, christina

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