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I'm trying to figure out WHAT is causing this noise I hear at night, mainly only when I lie on my stomach with my left ear into my pillow and then listen for it (it's pretty quiet, so I only hear it at night). It's high pitched, kind of a squealing. It pulses I think between the beats of my heart and it goes UP in pitch before it fades away after about 20 beats or so.

Only on my left side - can't hear it when I turn to the right.

It kind of seemed that allergy meds were possibly making it better but I'm not sure??? I haven't been taking the allergy meds and I do have some sinus stuff going on. But could sinuses cause a unilateral PULSATILE tinnitus?

My MRI was I guess clear, though the small-town hospital that I had it taken at kind of leaves me feeling less than satisfied. I think I'll call and ask them to take a second look or have someone else look at it? I don't know for sure how to go about that. I have seen an ENT and he doesn't seem to know what this could be. Should I see a neurologist instead?

The sound is NOT normal. I'd kind of like to get to the bottom of it soon. Does this sound like anything anyone has ever heard of? Thanks!


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