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[QUOTE=pheobe13]It was using it consecutively that caused the 'brain-zaps'. They would come on every 30 secs/min for a day or two. Like a bolt of electricity running through my body, causing me to have mini-blackouts.

The permanent damage was probably caused by using it at all. I think I was natuarally low in serotonin anyway. Was always shy/ had sleeping problems etc etc when I was younger. So thats probably why it affected me more badly than others. Used to get the 'mid-week blues' thing really badly too.

But as I say, I don't know how much has been the drugs or my life at the time myself so I don't know how much I can help you. All I can say is that without my natural 'buffer' of happy chemicals I feel like I descended into the depths of hell itself. I don't reccomend it. The words don't do it justice.

What goes up must come down I suppose! :jester:[/QUOTE]

so your symptoms have gone now?

my symptoms are cylical...last night no headaches slept well and feel fine today except of course i always see the floaters and weirdness in my vision....but the week before i felt like ****. this could be due to variation in serotonin hey? im seeing the neuro next week anyway. he probably wont be able to help but hey ho. maybe if he rules out everything serious...i will just load up on pain killers and 5HTP everyday ha ha.

thanks for your help babe.

HI Everyone,
I am new to this board , but not new to the zaps. If what you are experiencing is like having an ice pick crammed into you head while simultaneously being hooked up to the voltage box on NYC city street block.....then you probably have what I do. This extremely unpleasant condition is called Trigeminal Neuralgia or Tic Doloroux(sp?) (tic-doo-la-roo). It is a disorder of the Trigeminal Nerve that serves the face jaw and scalp. There is a lot of info on it on the web. The treatment, is some really serious medication...onward to different kinds of surgeries for those whom meds stop working. There is a book out called "Striking Back" by George Weigel. It is put out by the Trigeminal Neuralgia Assoc. I have not chosen to go with meds yet....It is an ailment that does increase in severity over time. I pray that this is not what you have because it is a miserable disorder. It is known as the worst pain known to modern medicine(in its severest cases). Sorry this is not a great report to tell.The Lord is on whom I receive my strength to deal with it.... I hope that with this info. you can do some research and decide what you should do. A neurologist is the one who treats this. If you have any questions...I'll check this post from time to time.

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