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First of all I would like to say that I don't think that the number of times you take something has anything to do with it. Everyone is different and it will effect them in different ways. I know people who are still doing it after all of these years and are fine. I was relatively sensible to them. I would normally only take one or two when going out, but they used to pop them like candy. My friend (female) only took one and was temporarily paralysed and had to go to hospital. Someone else I know only took one and had panic attacks for the next few years. So I really think it's dependent on how the individual is wired.

I can't say I have all of your symptoms. The head-shock things only lasted a day or two at a time.

It all started when I got depressed. Very depressed. It was just after my 21st birthday I suddenly lost the plot and couldn't stop crying uncontrollably every day. I can't say that this was caused by the drug-taking. There were 13 reasons I worked out why I went over the edge, but the lack of happy chemicals in my brain didn't help me out. I was then very ill for about a year. I also developed anxiety and panic attacks. No sleep. I thought things were coming out of the walls!

I have had headaches. I used to get hot points in my head, cold rushing through my chest, pains behind my eyes, achey legs, dizziness, lightheadedness, sweaty palms and feet, intense fear, imagining horrible things happening all the time (like someone gouging their eye out or being cut into pieces), lack of sex drive, no appetite etc etc, most of which I am sure was due to the drugs but I don't have that really anymore. I still have headaches and dizziness sometimes but that is because I still have anxiety problems, just nothing like as bad.

I do 'see stars' a lot still. Usually when I'm tired, rundown or hungover.
(Not sure if these are the 'floaters' you mean.) They're just like little silver/black dots that swim around in front of my eyes and then go away after a second. I used to get them the day after, along with stuff changing colour!

At the end of the day, we've both messed with our brain chemistry. Some people are lucky and get away without a scratch. What we need to remember is that alcohol and cigarettes are just as bad, if not worse for our health. I am trying to give up drink but I'm chronically shy so it's hard. I've been binge-drinking most of my life just to talk to people.

Your symptoms may or may not have been caused by the drug use. Mine aren't exactly the same, but as I say, everyone is different.

By the way, I've never heard of dj whatshisname I'm from the uk. :)

When you say 'snow'. Do you mean it looks like it's raining over stuff, cuz I do get that. And when you say 'negative images' do you mean if you look at something then look at something else (with a white/dark surface) you can see the negative image? Cuz I get that too but I'm sure that's normal. I think the snow might be normal too.

I do have ear problems. My right ear itches all the time, I get pressure in it and hear myself shouting in my ear when I speak. But I'm sure this isn't related and is PET or something.
My heart did used to miss a beat a lot when I was trying to get to sleep, and I could hear it in my head.
I had sleep problems for years after/during my depression.

If you look at the sky, does it look like it's pulsing?
I've tried to describe this to people but everyone else says they can see no movement. It's kinda like circles moving over one-another.
Well hope any of that helped. Sorry I waffled on for so long!!!

Sorry... forgot to mention.. I do have tinitus, but I think that might have something to do with the clubbing! :jester: And I used to get tension behind my ears, like I had towels stuffed in them, and neck tension sometimes. I really have finished now!

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