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I'm 25 and have had all of the symptoms you describe.
It was really bad in my first year at uni, turned out it was caused by stress, anxiety and a bit of depression.
Does the headache lessen after a few drinks?
Is it always ok when you first wake up?

I didn't believe the doctors, I do more now. It seems weird that some kind of sub-conscious stress can make you dizzy. I've had all sorts of blood tests, all fine so I guess they must be right. Might be a good idea to keep a diary of what you do/ eat so you can see if there are any coincidences.
It may even be an allergy.
Please stay hopeful, I thought I would never be normal again but am strangely better now I'm staying with relatives. It may be something fairly simple. Hope you get to the bottom of it anyhow... :)

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