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Well all I can say is that I went to the doctors hundreds of times, I was sure it was the symptoms causing the anxiety, not the other way around. But it is three years later and I am still here. When I started my new job recently I had a headache and felt dizzy, confused and tired for a week. I went crying to the doctor, sure I had a brain tumor. He did blood tests, looked in my ears, mouth and checked my stomach. He was sure it was 'all in my head'. Caused by stress and anxiety.

I do have social phobia and health anxiety though so I'm sure that added to it. I had to start a new job and meet loads of people which is quite stressful for me but I thought I was coping ok, no reason to be dizzy.

The reason I asked was because I used to feel 'ok' for the first half hour/ hour upon waking. Then it would set in and I'd feel dizzy and lethargic with pains in my head. I was still worried it was something serious. But it's passed now. I also used to feel light-headed a lot.

Do you feel like you're in a 'brain-fog' sometimes, that you can't quite take everything in?

The important thing is, DON'T ASSUME IT IS ANXIETY. Make sure you see a different doctor to get a different opinion and get all of the tests done that you can. It's good to be on the safe side. Just don't rule out anxiety.

Also I've read a lot about allergys. Your headaches and tiredness may be a simple allergy to wheat/ lactose (in milk)/ fruit/ anything so you should look into getting an allergy test done. You should be able to find info in books or on the net on how to eliminate foods from your diet for a while.

There was a post I was reading on these boards about M(c)G(s)? in food. Some chemical in processed food is making some people have pressure in their head a bit like you describe. I think it's under 'headaches' or 'inner ear disorders'. So I would check that out as well. Good luck.. :)

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