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:wave: Hello everyone. I have been battling with doctors who have been diagnosing me with different things for years now until recently I gave up on doctors and weaned myself off of all the medicine I was taking. I am 26 years old and have been thought to have Graves Disease, Hyperthyroids Disease, Restless Leg Syndrome or Anemia. After requesting a copy of my MRI 2 years ago I noticed the paper said [B]small benign pineal cyst[/B]. I asked my doctor about it and she said some people just have that, its benign so there is nothing to worry about. Now I am not only still getting headaches, am exhausted constantly, forgetting simple things, getting confused and lost in my conversations or in any task for that matter, I am hearing a buzz go through my head every now and then! I had a huge migraine a couple weaks ago. It hurt so bad, I was nauseous, crying and my head felt like it would explode. I ended up falling asleep. But anyway some of my other symptoms are dizziness, and heart palpitations and heart squeezes which cause fluttering in my left arm.
I guess I am wondering also how do the doctors know that this pineal cyst is benign...not that I want a biopsy but dont they need a sample of tissue to determine that? I have 2 beautiful children and a wonderful husband to live for. Am I being worried for nothing or should I take it in my own hands and make the doctors test me??? :confused:

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