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I have these horrible headaches and they get worse at night. I am always dizzy especially when laying down. I have high blood pressure so that could be related but I think something really is going on or am I losing it for real. I have this pressure in my head,the headaches jump from spot to spot in a matter of a few minutes. Sometimes they last for hours though but always go away the next day until mid afternoon or at night. I catch my self mummbling at times and like I am confused.Me ears ring and my eyes get blurrred. It feels like I am just waiting to pass out. I i have tried taking things for them but nothing works. My doctor just wrote it off and said its okay maybe from anxiety he said. He gave me something ofr anxiety but I am getting the headaches still and its even worse now.I had a ct scan a few months ago w/o contrast did come back okay what else could it be

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