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For the past 6 months I have had these horrific short bursts of pain in my brain. It is not always in the same area. Now I am having these more frequently on a daily basis. Also i get the same short bursts of pain behind my right ear now. On a daily basis my ear now tingles for 6-20 seconds on the outer lobe (an eerie sensation), but what I am concerned about is these extreme bursts of pain that are increasing in frequency. They only last for a few seconds but when they hit, they hit me hard enought to make one scream.

Does anyone have this problem or have any idea what it could be? Please reply. Thanks so much! :confused:
hello from ontario canada, your problem seems to be a lot more involved, you should seek more professional help, there are many areas to look at, starting with a MRI would do help to reduce some of the concerns..DO IT.......good luck
:confused: I can't believe you have the same thing I do !! I just went to the Doctor this week and told him That My whole head hurts for about 45 sec. and the weird thing is It also will burn my right ear and then my ear will get numb! Of course He looked at me like I was "Nuts", So needless to say , he thinks it could be pre menapause!! Ok Im no Doctor .But this is not a hot Flash !! .Its very painful and it hurts my Brain. This Started for me about 8 weeks ago, Can't sleep it wakes me up about 5 to 6 times a night from the pain. If you find out what it is Please let me Know.
Hi, I'm here to let you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE with the head pains you've been experiencing. I have had those gosh awful things for about 10-12 years now.
They are excruciating while they last even if it's 1 second they're enough to make a person scream - I have and I'm not a screamer, I reallyhandle pain but like any one else that gets these pains I grab my head and scream. I never went to get it checked because I didn't have medical insurance. But if possible, you should get to a doctor and demand an MRI if you have to. Keep me posted. Mine come randomly, no pattern .
Hi, I've been having some really sharp, really short pains that feel like they hit the middle of the right side of my brain. For years now I've had about monthly mild-migrainish headaches -- this is something totally different.

Here's the thing: I started taking Wellbutrin about two months ago, and that's about when I started having these pains. There's no question in my mind that the two are connected. For a while I was getting the pains once a day, for about 3-5 seconds, and only strong enough that I would stop what I was doing and say 'whoa'. For the last couple of weeks I've had them only every other day or so, but the pain is getting stronger. This weekend I had one while I was walking that started me heading toward the floor. Then it was over.

I'd love to know if other people have taken or are taking Wellbutrin.


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