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[QUOTE=Tooleman]First off all I suffer from anixty so I dunno if that is the main cause.

But I have some weird sysmtoms. My pupils are different sizes, very slight but you can tell, but it does go away when in bright light.

I also see weird sparkles and zig zag like things in my vision and floaters.
Sometimes I have eye pain in my right eye.

I get these weird headaches that are in one location of my head, and they move around. Like could be on the left side then move to the right. I dont get them all the time. Mostly when I havent had caffinee in a while.

Also sometimes I get this weird tingling feeling on my face, only effects one side of my face and goes away after a few seconds, and then can come back the next day but on the same side or different.

I do have a anaixty problem and im probably making things much worse then they are. But I know im not making this stuff up and im worried about what might be wrong.

What do you guys think it could be. Im thinking aneurysm or something else going on in there..[/QUOTE]

i get the same mate...together with pressure in ears and sinus and throat weirdness...........feels like shifting in my head........headaches and feeling of panic etc...sometimes....
i dont think you're getting an aneurysm...but see a neurologist to rule out big things....thats wot im doing anyway.
have you ever dabbles in narcotics?


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