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Sharp stabs in head
Mar 16, 2005
I was reading some posts that people have written. I'm looking on here because once in a while I feel lightheaded and of course I'm convinced it's a brain tumor. Waiting for the redtape of going to the ENT and going through the ENG tests to see if it's middle ear related. I just want an MRI but I guess you have to go through red tape before they are convinced to give you one. Anyway I was reading a post from a lady who said her son had a brain tumor and one of the signs was sharp pains in his head and now I'm freaking out. Once in a while I'll get a sharp pain in my head and then it goes away. Now I'm really convinced I have a tumor. I was told by a neurologist many years ago that we have muscles all along our skull and that it's nothing to worry about. I don't really suffer from headaches and I don't have a dizziness feeling where the room is spinning..just sometimes feel like the room is moving but I'm staying still but when I'm looking around the room doesn't look like it's moving. So hard to explain. It's a weird feeling that happens once in a while. UGH ..any suggestions?

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