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I have been suffering from a mysterious illness for the last 18 months. Every day I cycle through dizziness in the morning (30 minutes after getting out of bed), waking up at 06am every morning on the ***. Vivid dreams/nightmares every night. Then when I get to work I have the wierdest symptoms.

I am afraid but I don't know what of. I just feel really empty and down inside. Whenever I have to meet someone or walk toward someone, I feel like I am going to pass out. I get what feels like a rush of blood to my head. Then my arms and hands just dont feel right. If I try to drink something I feel as if I would drop it. I shake uncontrolably.

I also notice a horrible pressure sensation behind the top of my nose and forehead. It just doesn't feel right when I look at people I have a horrible dizzy sensation (not vertigo).

My armpits are drenched by the time I have got to work. My hands are sweaty.

Also, my jaw goes stiff and sore. I also have Tinnitus, TMJ, neck pains, insomnia, depression, weak legs with random pains in them every day.

Can anyone please help me? I've tried 18 doctors and all just say all tests are normal. I really feel like I AM GOING CRAZY.

I can't go on for the rest of my life avoiding everyone and living in ISOLATION. Right now I cant see me living beond the end of the year!

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