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When many tests have been done and the doctors say they have no idea, I think your symptoms sound like they are originating from the muscles in your neck. Muscle problems will not show up on an MRI or in x-rays and many doctors miss this as the source. Do you remember if you over extended yourself physically or hurt yourself to cause your neck to be sore sometimes? With the symptoms also on one side of your body, and your dizzy swaying feeling, these all point to muscle strain, when the muscles are strained, they press on the blood vessels going to the brain, causing the dizzy unbalanced feeling, and also the numbness and tingling, I had them all after injuring my neck. A physical therapist can pinpoint weather or not this is the problem, a neuro. can also. They check what is called your trigger points. It is surprising how many doctors don't think to check the muscles as being the source so this is overlooked quite a bit. In fact, when mine came on 6 months later, I ran to the doctor for months getting tests after test, of course they all came up fine, and it dawned on me that I had had neck problems months before and ignored them. When they are ignored, they tend to move around and bring on other symptoms, such as the tingling and numbness. Sometimes you can actually find out yourself the source by putting pressure on either side of your neck like a strong massage. If your symptoms are aggravated, this is the source. But if the problem is need in the muscles, as it often is, you may not be able to tell. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck

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