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hello!!! i feel so relieved finally that someone understands me!! i mean its like as though i was in your skin because i can relate to all of your symptoms perfectly!!!! mine also comes and goes but lately its really prounounced and it wont go awayyy!!!
im going to answer all of your questions as best and detailed as i can... about the heaviness when i move i feel it all over my body, as if though i had extra weight on me and it makes me become tired really easily. sometimes i also wake up tired with my muslces aching in the morning!! ALso i feel that the more dizzy i am, the more disoriented i feel, sometimes i feel like crying in the middle of the street and just throw myself at a car becuz i start to get dizzy and confused as if nothing makes sense in this world but i have been told that is the way your body responds to the dizziness, you start to panic inside because of what you are feeling and you rmind starts to get disoriented because of the fear, nervousness etx.. also i feel the moving up and down motion ( we´re gonna have to find a name for that :p ) when im lying down or even sitting down, i had a period of time when i only felt it wheni was lying down and it was as if my body´s parts where floating away from my body or movingg up and was so weird and still happens sometimes!!!!
Also, anyyy quick movement will trigger my up and down feeling, the other day i was sitting down, and i suddenly looked down and i had it comee as if i was sinking all of sudden!! and it also happens when i dance from side to side ( as if doing aerobics) its horrible then!!
My eye problems...its horrible because when im walking and theres sunlight,my head starts to burn and suddenly i get dizzy, and if i get in a dark or not so dark place after the sun, i feel so faint and my eye sight is horrible and i can hardly see anything and my head hurts so bad! but its not a regular headache, its like a burning ic ant be exposed to the sun, which leaves out tanning! :nono:
I think the reason that i notice it less with heels is simple...since i think this is all do to an ear related problem of balance, i think when you wear heels even if your healthy you kinda feel as if your unbalanced because they are high and so normal people havce the feelin when they wear heels too, so when i wear heels, the moving up and down sensation does not need to be compensated so much by my inner ear balance system because its supposed to happen and my brain doesnt perceive it as danger..i dont know if that makes sense to you!! do you have the up down sensation when you are standing still and you close your eyes and feel as though the ground is movin or sinkin or pushing you forward and backward?? its horrifyin!!!

I have to see doctors without telling my mom, luckyly i am 19 and no longer need permission for prescription drugs so i dont tell my mom when i go to doctors because she makes fun of me that im always complaining and stuff, so its all behind her back until i find something, which i will!!!! im going to get a full ENT chek may 5th so i will keep you posted on that!

THE STATIC VISION THING!!! it drives me nuts!! but i dont have migranes...but it also happens when im in a dim lit room and i move my eyes to look at something on the sides or up or down and i get as though a staticky thing as flashes or something weird... and of course if im in a dark room and i close my eyes raelllllllly hard and open them, the static thing is much more intense...

anywayssssss i feel relived from all these things i told you, i hope you can answer the questions ive asked and thanx so much for being there and i promise you we will find answers!! because im not goign to stop till i find them!!!! ps- have you looked up chari malformation? sometimes the symptoms we describe are much like chiari symptoms...hav eyou gotten your neck checked with the mri?? im going to get that, maybe it will have some you have tmj? because i do so it could aggravate my problems....anyways keep me posted and on with the battle against unknown diseases!!!! :blob_fire

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