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hello anj, yes i have to precise that it is much like a feeling of walking on a wave, its weird because when i wear high heels, specially pointy heels i dont have the sensation so strong, but when i wear flat shoes its worse, especially when i get off moving things like escalators, metro, planes, buses...which makes me think that i may have a problem that would have to do with changes in pressure in the ear...but that wouldnt explain the flat shoe thing...i also have a sensation of heaviness when i walk, which makes me think that it could also be a neck problem..because when i have someone hold my head up with their hands and pulll it up away from my neck, i feel the tension gone...doctors say im fine too but then why do i feel this way? now i have to deal with anxiety attacks that also provoke sudden dizziness depends on the day...sometimes im ok with no vertigo then one day i wake up and i cant stand still because everything feels like its going to get another mri to check for arnold chiari and for neck scared because this weekend i have to take a three hour train trip and thsoe make me feel worse!!! anyways...lots of luckkkkkkk and keep me posted!

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