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Please help me!
Apr 18, 2005
Here's my story:

I am very obsessive, I get phases of things that i'm scared of, like I remember at one time I was obsessed with tornados, crying almost every night thinking one was going to come and kill me. I was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD at an early age. My dad had alot of disorders as a child also, (dyslexia, OCD, ADHD) so I got that genetic. I eventually got over my tornado fear. So next time, I developed a fear of cancer. So let me go on. My head ached a little bit, so I told my parents about it, they were concerned, so they sent me to the doctor. Now having this phase of fear of cancer, I started to worry b/c I thought I had a brain tumor. The fear went on, so I went to a neurologist, and I got a CT scan because I was having pressure feelings on my head. The CT scan came out negative, so my worries went away, but not for long. I really can't explain that well, but one day at school I kept on stretching, and my neck and back were cracking. I didn't really hurt though, it just stung. I figured I pulled a muscle. So then, for some reason I got the thought that I was going to form a tumor because I thought my spinal cord was damaged. (You might find it funny) So that worry went on, and my neck and back kept on stinging a little bit. I didn't go to the doctor b/c I thought it really wasn't a big concern. Then one night, I was lying down, and my neck was cracking even harshly. I got up and my neckbone was pointing out more than usual. That made me worry more. It stung alot the next day, my mom just told me I pulled a muscle, big deal. So now, I have developed all these strange symptoms, like dizziness, lightheadedness, speech problems, fuzzy vison, crackling sounds in the ears, balance difficulty, anger, just feeling plain strange. What could this all be? Please help.

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