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No I haven't been diagnosed with that. I have some wierd symptoms that I think have to do with some sort of brain problem; tremors, severe sinus headaches, pounding sound in ears, ect. So basically this whole past year, I have been seeing various doctors and getting nowhere. It is soo frusterating b/c no doctor really seems to take anything I have to say seriously. Also at my doctors office, I end up seeing a different doctor each time, which is a huge waste of time and I feel like I'm just going in circles. Tomorrow tho, I'm going to see my doctor and pretty much demand some type of in depth testing done. I seriously am sooooooooooooooo tired to living like how I am and I know there are things I can do to feel better. frusterated...but anyway...when I read your post I totally relate to the frusteration you feel.
Also i totally understand about feeling different now. I have no idea what's wrong with me, but it has changed me. I also used to be a happy person and definately more active but these past few years of feeling like how I do are starting to take their toll on me...
But we just have to hang in there and trust that things will get better.

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