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So I know there is something wrong with me and has been for a long time. Let me give a little back ground on myself. I am 25, female, overweight (not sure if this matter about anything).
For a huge part of my life, about 12 years, I have these spells of feeling "distant, not there, or even like severe brain fog", they come and go and when I was younger I was too scared to tell my parents about them, so I just lived with it. I haven't let it effect my life much, mainly b/c I guess I never thought much about it. I have graduated college, gotten married and had a baby (he's now 13 months old). Lately they have been lasting a lot longer, days at a time.
But within the past year I have started developing other symptoms which have me thinking I could have some sort of brain disorder. About a year ago I developed an internal shakiness. Like I felt like I was having tremors but visible there was no shaking. I had my thyroid checked and it is slightly underactive. Within the past 2 months my head, like my brain feels like it is shaking also. So I am almost confident that my thyroid is not causing the shaking.
So now I also am experiencing a "pounding" sound in my head. Severe sinus headaches occasionally, and really bad ear pain with a slight dizziness. In fact last October I had such a bad dizzy spell I couldn't bear weight on my legs and I thought I might die.
I'm so frusterated b/c I have seem my general practioner about 10 times this past year for all these various things, I even saw an ENT, who was horrible and no help at all.
I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow and I am going to pretty much demand some sort of testing done, but I have no idea for what. Do any of you all have any possible idea what could be causing all these symptoms?? My biggest fear is a brain tumor that has been growing for like 12 years.
I would love any feedback..
thank you soo much

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