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Please give me some guidance. I have had lots of symptoms that the doctor is not discovering the cause...

The latest "symptom" is that while I was reading last night, I noticed some longer strands of my hair had fallen towards my face and they were quivering at a fast rate. It seemed a little odd to me, but perhaps some movement is normal...but this seemed more than just a little movement.

Now, that in itself I would probaby just brush off, but please read what other things have been happening and help me know which direction I should go as to which kind of doctor to see or what kind of test to ask my regular doctor to do.

About 3 weeks ago, I had sharp stabbing pain in my top right head. It only lasted a few seconds at a time. I still get some of that. Then I began feeling really woozy on the right side of my head and began having tender spots on the right side of my head. The spot above my right ear is very tender to the touch.

Then a few times I've had some blurry vision...or maybe I should describe it as like when I move my eyes to look at a different place, it takes me awhile to my vision takes awhile to catch up to where my eyes move.

I've had a constant steady ringing in my left ear for 2 years that the doctor thought was from a sinus over these last 2 weeks, I've had a strange occasional ringing in my right ear and even loss of hearing for a couple seconds in my right ear.

My head just feels so weird that occasionally I'm afraid I'm going to have a stroke or something. There is pressure/pain on my right eye and sometimes a pulling sensation over my right ear.

I've had a lot of achiness for a couple years on my right side (right arm, right thigh) and my doctor recently noticed several superficial blood clots on these places, but he wasn't worried about them. I am young, so I thought that was weird and now I am concerned there could be blood clots in my head or do you think these are signs of a neurological disease? What kind of test should I ask him to do? He isn't seeming to understand how big of a problem this has become for me.

Any advice?

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