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Hi Chris,

So glad to hear you made it back safely. Not so glad to hear about the dizziness and bad flights. I've kinda put holidays on the back burner for the moment because the stress of Airports (and Major Jet Lag if going long haul) makes me feel so bad. I rememeber coming back from USA in 2003 (I'd been three times on Business) After the third trip (and after the onset of my illness, the jet lag an dizziness almost killed me. I never ever want to feel like that again. I only started to be affected by Jet lag in the last few years. Anyway I digress........

A few developments on my part. I've had my sleep study results back from the Neuro at Sunderland Royal. It basically says that I slept 7 hours (I wish!), and my sleep deficiency was 85%. I had normal amounts of REM sleep but less Stage IV (non rem) sleep. Basically, it's as I predicted... I'm loosing out on the most restorative part of sleep. The last stage. He then goes on to close by saying (Overall, this record confirms that he has more light sleep than average but has no other diagnostic features. This pattern has been reported in patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndromes but is clearly not diagnostic. - In other words (yet again), here's what we found.... It doesn't mean alot on its own and we cant help you!. Looks like I've hit another brick wall. No follow up appointment.

I've got an appointment tomorrow for Vestiublar rehabilitation excercises. I'll let you know how I get on with that.

My main symptoms at the moment are Depression, Anxiety has settled a little (thank Goodness!), Carpal tunnel pain in right hand, ilioinguinal or femoral nerve pain in my left leg (near groin) Possible neuropathy?- basically its like a dull ache in my groin and top of my leg most days. My doctor says it's abductor muscle related and has referred me for P.T. Guess we'll wait and see it it gets any worse! It worried the hell out of me when I first got it. I thought I was going to loose the use of my legs! I'm paranoid about everything at the moment. I also notice I am sub-conciously crossing my legs (well Feet actually) when I am lying down. Sore neck and shoulders, Vivid dreams every night (could be the Amytryptiline Tryciclic Antidepressant/Sedative I take every night? - 10mg),

Another strange symptom when I woke up this morning. This is going to sound stramge but stay with me. My ears felt blocked up (more than normal) and I have like a low range vibration/hum and when I speak I sound strange. I have a strange vibration type feeling in my head. This freaks me out. But guess what - Just another symptom for the doctor to brush off as nothing! I think it's posture related. When I move it seems to slightly vanish and then come back again.

I'm also doing Computerised C.B.T (cognitive behavioural therapy) called 'Beating the blues'. You go and sit at a computer for an hour a week and it teaches you about Automatic Negitive Thoughts, how to spot signs of Depression, how to challenge your thoughts (depressed people believe negative statments and think everything is bad). It's kind of helping me but I think the only thing that would really help is a Diagnosis. This is the MOST frustrating thing. The NOT knowing. At times I think that's how my Anxiety is fed - questioning if I have an undiagnosed serious illness, will I get worse etc! It's true what they say. There is nothing worse than Fear of Fear itself!

I also have a Neuro-Otologist follow up appointment in June. I'll let you know how I get on.

Well Chris, I must appologise for the life story once again. Just wanted to bring you upto date with what's been happening. If anyone reading this has similar symptoms please feel free to let me know. I hope all goes well with your appointments. I know what you mean about NHS !! I was given Accupuncture but only lasted 6 sessions and then ended. TYPICAL! One of the only things that helps, I've got to pay for further treatment!.

Let me know how you get on and take care,


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