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Dear all,

I am writing this because i feel really bad. I have been very ill for a few months now. i have been having terrible headaches lost a lot of weight half a stone in the last two weeks. i have been having rashes hair loss blurry vision. facial swellings. i have a large bony overgrowth which has developed under my chin. i have small amounts of skin peeling of my face etc. At the best of times i have just felt chronic fatigue.

the docs thought i may have had very bad drug reation. Full blood count at hospital has shown nothing suspect on a couple of occasions. my facial and body appearance has changed.Im waiting to see specialists a neuro on weds.

i seem to have developed thyroid type problems but again nothing is seen on an fbc. all the doctors can see how ill i look. i have had no period for two months. i have also been having terrible pain on the left side of my head top and bottom and have had a couple of collapses from this i don't loose consciousness but my body becomes completely weak afterwaurds and often i have a pain down one side of my body. i have wet myself twice after thses collapses.

Ten days ago i had a terrible terrible headache like a thunderclap it lasted seven hours i went for a walk with my friend to try and distract myself but my vision was going all blurry and i lost my legs. my friend got me home but told me i had lost coordination in my legs that i was walking like a drunk person. i felt out of sorts after not with it all completely weak and in a daze. i did not go to the er as i have been with headaches before and they have sent me home with pain killers. i have also been after a headache in a confused state and they just think i am nuts. since last thurs i have not felt myself at all in a daze. i have had breathing problems at night on a couple of occassions pain in my jaw and neck aswell as re current headaches on the left side. and sudden weakness after headaches. i have also had chest face and neck rashes. i went to see a phychiatrist a couple of months ago to help with the stress of all this and even he does not think i am mentally ill but having to cope with an illness.
i do however feel i cannot cope with this and am so very frightened that this is going to happen again. i can't understand or explain to the docs that i just don't feel right since thurs. is it possible that i could have something wrong with my head and it just would not be found on a fbc. Are there any things that are important to tell the neuro. I am grieving already because of the loss of how i look and generally feel and pretty much feel suicidal because of this. Are there any tests i should ask for i know i probably need a ct scan. how do i explain just how desperate i am?

Please somebody help

Zoe xx

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