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I am continuing to have chronic pressure in my temples and forehead region. This has been going on for some time now, but has become progressively worse over the last few weeks. Now, something new has arisen in my list of symptoms. Whenever I make various facial expressions, like wrinkle my forehead, raise my eyebrows, or just generally flex my forehead any which-way, I tend to feel the pressure much more, and it tends to "draw out" the pain/pressure from inside my head to the surface just under the skin. I feel the pain/pressure mainly in my temples/forehead but also "echoing" back over the surface of the top of my head.

If anyone knows what this might be, PLEASE HELP, I am going insane with worry that I am slowly developing a serious problem, and I AM ONLY 28. By the way, sinuses have allready been suspected, and although I have a stuffy nose and lost 80% of my smell, I do not have a runny nose or sneezing or other 'allergy' symptoms.
I suffer from this exact same appeared virtually only night and led to a severe anxiety disorder. I have had 3 mris, 3 cts, eeg, spinal, bloodwork, ct of sinuses -- nothing found so thats reassuring. Prior to experience this chronic "pressure" i suffered from major migraine attacks. My doctors suspect that i suffer from either a "transformed migraine" -- where your type of headache actually evolves into a different a tension headache. They also suspect that it is due to is definitely aggravated by stress and anxiety. I have found that anti anxiety meds, specifically effexor, have helped to reduce the sensation.
I've been experiencing the same problem and am wondering if you've had any resolution to yours?

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