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This is sort of a long story for me but I will try to be as short as possible.
This started when I was about 15 years old. I am 31 now.
I started having these spells or episodes or whatever you might call it.
Well my symptoms were that everything started to move way too fast and I couldn't control when it was going to happen. What I mean is that everything would seem to speed up during these spells. I would be walking at a normal pace for example but it felt to me like I was walking five times faster and everything around me was moving faster.
I would feel very out of it while these spells were going on. About the time I started having these spells I always remember asking my mom Does it sound like I am talking fast to you because everything was moving faster to me.
She of course said no. Well my ears began to ring about that time too when these spells started.
I have been to my family physician, and ear doctors and even the ER and no one can find what is going on.
I can't lay in a quiet room with no noise at all because my head feels funny inside, I can't describe the feeling very well, and I can't block out the ringing in my ears.

I have been spell or episode free for over five years and one night they came back. From November 2004 to January 2005 I had one a month about. They don't last very long, about 5 to 15 minutes at the most. I haven't had one since February but since they started again I just don't feel right. I am so scared of the next one. I have been living with them for so long I would think I'd be used to it by now but I'm not and I live in fear of the next one that is going to happen.
I don't know when its going to happen and I can't control it or stop it. I can't feel it coming on just all of a sudden everything starts moving too fast. Then it is gone all of a sudden just as quickly as it started.
I am so scared that something is wrong and I'm going to die.
I don't have to money to go back to my doctor again. The last time I saw my family doctor he told me it could be a pinched nerve in my inner ear.
I asked him if it could be a form of seizures and he said no.
Well I called his nurse and told her on the phone that these spells had come back and she started to say something but stopped. That really scared me !!
She said It sounds like.... then stopped.
She said he may want a cat scan done. Could it be a tumor or something that has been there for 15 years undetected since this started?

Has anyone ever had symptoms like this or anything similar?
What do I do now? Please any advice is very very much appreciated!

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