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Same as you, I've had chronic dizziness 24/7 for over a year now. My feeling is a drunk feeling very much like how you describe it. The feeling is intensified by computer monitors (went from 2 regular monitors to 1 monitor to flat screen to laptop monitor :() which isn't good since I'm an analyst for a technology company; also intensified by TV and the ultrasound thingy the dentist uses to clean your teeth. I also have the numbness in the face and get episodes of vertigo, about a dozen a day, that last 5 seconds or so.

Again, same as you, I've been through 12 docs and numerous tests and have been diagnosed with everything from MAV to depression. No relief at all, already had to take 8 weeks short term diasbility due to this dizzy monster and it's been very frustrating.

What I know is that I have a) 1 maybe 2 small lesions on my brain but they do not indicate MS b) elevated ANA but doesn't indicate autoimmune disease by itself c) (and just found this out today) narrowing in one of the arteries leading to my brain - this could be a congential defect or caused by disease like Lupus.

I just came from yet another neurologist but I think this guy is determined to figure me out. I've got tests setup for everything from epilepsy to MS and Lupus to see if there's something there. Haven't had my pituitary gland checked specifically but I'll talk to the doc about that at my next appointment.

Guess what I'm trying to say is keep going to doctors, keep checking out websites and forums, don't let the docs tell you it's in your head. I keep copies of all my lab/test results in a binder I take to every doc appointment as well as copies of my numerous MRIs/MRAs/CTs. I keep a record of all the medications I've taken. I've also started keeping a diary of everything I eat as well as excerise and keep a log of how bad my dizziness is for the day (D1 means not so bad - D5 means I'm completely non-functional).

Bring this info to the docs so that they have your complete history. Make sure to see an Neuro-otologist to rule out vestibular issues such as Meniere's, go to an allergist to make sure you don't have food allergies, go to a Neurologist to rule out things like MS, go to a Rhematologist to rule out Lupus and Lyme disease.

Sorry to be so long-winded and I hope that this is what you wanted to hear. I've been through so much, very similar to you, and I know how frustrating it is to not know what to do next or feel like there's nothing else to try. Good thing is that there's always something else to try and there's a doc out there that knows what's wrong with us. (Maybe I've found him already!)

Good luck and keep us posted!

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