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Re: Pains in head
Jun 21, 2005
Yeah it sounds like your thing could be allergies can have some built up pressure in there even though you might not think it is allergy related. Just to put my mind at ease I wouldv'e gone with the CT Scan if you were close to getting one. My head doesn't bother me every day but the few times it has its enough to bug me and instill worry. If I look at it over the last few years and recall the times my head bothered me, I feel like that's a consistent pattern making me worry about it. I definitely have anxiety/hypoglycemia issues, so I should look to control that first before I go to a doctor and worry about other things.

I've used Zyrtec for allergies and I think it works great. I don't know if its helped you, but my allergies usually consist of a runny nose and some sneezing, and goes away for the day upon popping a Zyrtec. Anyway take care.

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