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You don't have yearly MRI'S? Because my son's seizures seem to only occur on the same area of the brain in which the cyst is located; his dr. is ordering MRI'S every 6mos so we can watch it closely. His headaches are also primarily located on his right side in front. They've explained to me his cyst is just behind his eye on his right temporal lobe. It is fairly small. His original diagnosis was benign rolandic epilepsy based on his EEG and my report of the odd night time bed wetting and eventually witnessing a seizure in the early morning hours while he was 'asleep'. (he wasn't asleep-had awakened, used toilet, returned to bed; began seizing shortly after that.) Because his seizures are at night; and I don't 'hear' him, I have only seen one. His behavior and wet bed are the tell tale factors for us. This is very frustrating. For a few months before his diagnosis; I dismissed the 2-3x/mo. that he wet the bed, trying to not make a big deal out of it and chalked it up to stress. Now, I know better and to try to not miss any 'out of sort' things that happen with both of my kids. His EEG'S continue to show tendency to seize during drowsy or sleep stages; now we are playing the medication game to control the seizures. I just feel in MY gut; that the cyst plays a role somehow in this. What you wrote about your gut feeling as a child is something that scares me...Since the day my son was born, I have been extremely over-protective(have other children; not so with them) and have always had a gut feel about him that something was going to 'happen' to him. The day we spend in the hospitals trying to find out what caused the seizure and then finding the cyst was the worst day of my life. My biggest fear had come true and the first ER docs had me thinking my son had a tumor and was going to need surgery THAT day. Most neuros don't think the seizures are at all related to the cysts; but i have read some do present with seizures. Our new neuro seems to b very thorough and wants to try a new med or two before we discuss anything else. :) I have read that some AC patients do have panic attacks and a host of other emotional issues and major physical problems. I think depending on where the cyst is located within the far my son seems to have headaches(?seizures?)....i think his emotional stuff is due to being diagnosed with this stuff and being 10yo and trying to understand it all....and how he feels 'different' now. :( That's tough on mom.
Thanks GaLady!

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