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Raysmomma....All I can relate to as size is it's on the left side of my brain in the back of my head...It's oblong down the whole side of my head ...from top to bottom. The MRI's are 'scarey' to look be honest. I have them here with me. The last ones I had done....When I asked for mine from Emory...They couldn't find them. (Hmmm made me wonder why...)But If I can...I will get the size from the labs to see exactly what size we are looking at as 'The Largest'...That was 17 years ago. I have since not worried about it anymore. I did start having panic attacks before, during and after all this. I often wondered if this 'foreign' thing caused me to have these attacks. Today I take medicine for anxiety and I live a normal life with a migraine every now and then. Usually hormonally induced or stress. Nothing like when I was younger. I had terrible headaches then and didn't even know I had 'this cyst' then. But I do remember being scared at night when I laid down that 'something' was wrong with me. And that was at a young age of 9. So I believe 'our gut instincts' tell us alot. I'm sorry your son has seizures. Those are scarey. I have witnessed many of those from the elderly people I am around quite abit. Grand Mal ones at that. Major adrenaline pumping with those. Are you son's seizures mild? Moderate? How long do they last? Ya know...They might not have anything to do with the cyst...In all honesty. Is his cyst causing pressure in the brain anywhere? Are his headaches one sided or where in the head does his hurt? Sorry for all the questions...Just hoping I can be of help to you. In a postive way.

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