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This is the first time for me to reply; I did it once before but I think I did it wrong and it never got to the person. I have done a lot of searching on pineal tumor/lesion because I had never heard of it. I finally found a website with lots of information but it was like reading my own MRI report of my brain. I can certainly share your frustration and especially with doctors. Also, I am so sorry about your attack at school. It is so awful that a teacher has to feel so threatened every day when they are trying to give a student an education.

My life suddenly changed on 12/07/03. I had two gran mal seizures that same day. I had had several in the past but no one could tell me why. This time the neurologist did an EEG (thats the brain test, right) and a MRI. He called me right after that test and told me I had seizure activity and put me on Dilantin. The he called me and said the results of my MRI came in and he said it showed that I had had several strokes in my brain stem and he didn't know why I wasn't paralyzed. I didn't know what to say so I just said "oh". End of our conversation. Well, since that day I got "sick". A multitude of terrible symptons and I didn't know what to think or do. I went back to my neurologist and told hime and he looked at me like I was crazy. He pushed a copy of my MRI report across the desk to me. I had been having these terrible anger episodes with everyone since the day of the seizures. Well, I had one in his office and yelled some nasty things to him and stormed out.

I have having severe pain from head to toe like I had never had. I was so tired every day I couldn't do anything. I kept going to many different doctors and having the anger episodes with them and I was so frustrated every time my husband took me to the doctor I cried all the way there, in their offices and all the way home. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, bought a book about it and I did have all the symptons but I had no idea it could be so devasting. There were not pills to take for it. Well, I have an unusual urological problem that doctors can't find a solution for. Had to be taken to emergency room two weeks ago in horrible pain and couldn't pee. They kept me there over the weekend but gladly discharged me after I had a weekend anger episode. They were JERKS. Yesterday, went to a new urologist; hated him and wouldn't let him do what he wanted to do. He was even a bigger JERK. I no longer let doctors intimidate me and talk down to me like I was an insect that just crawled in.

Finally, I got on the Internet and looked every technical term in my MRI report and realized I had some pretty bad things going on in my brain....but did my neurologist tell me: NO! Well, I am not the person I used to be and now my husband lives in the front of the house and I live in the back. He's not an empathatic person; he wasn't born with empathy.

Well, I didnt mean to tell you my whole story but after hearing your story I wanted you to know I am concerned and wanted you to know I understand your frustration. If you ever feel like write me, please do.


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