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Re: Brain lesions
Jun 26, 2005
Hi dje2,
Yep. There is muscle weakness with MS. There is also muscle tightness, called spasicity. It is painful. The pain from the muscle weakness hurts as well. My legs at times feel like I've walked a mile in cement shoes, and I've been sitting. They just hurt. I'll be walking at times and just fall because my legs just give out. It's a mean little MonSter(get the MS in there). You never know from one day to the next how you feel with MS. That is the really big sucky part of it. I also have nerve pain called parestesis(not sure if I spelled that right), anyway it is a deep pain that basically feels like someone is pouring hot oil on your legs or arms or feet.

I would suggest that you keep a daily diary of how you "feel" like symptom wise. Take that with you to your Neuro appt and share with him what's been going on. That will give him some insight as to what's happening and if what you've been experiencing could be MS related.

Keep me posted and take care.

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