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Well, I know now what it means to be sick. Won't take it for granted again.

I had the upper GI X-Ray & EMG (Nerve Conduction) yesterday.

Other than the milk-white carbonnated crap they made me drink, it was easy. They had a monitor set up beside the patient for your viewing pleasure. I couldn't tell whether anything was wrong or not by looking at the little thumbnails on screen.

The EMG was nasty. The doc stuck a few needles in different muscles along the right arm and told me to flex. This wasn't so bad until he got to the hand where he stuck one between the index & thumb nuckles. When I tried to make a fist, I felt the damn thing ripping through. Ouch.

He did end up getting off topic however. The one thing that worried him was the fact that my hands were freezing. Once he looked at my finger nails (and saw that they're purple) he said I definitely have a circulation problem.

These results are gonna take a week to get back to my GP who will then discuss them with me.

Still waitin on the Holter Monitor & possibly (any day now) an MRI to rule out a neurological problem.

I'm also gonna ask for an angiogram to see if I have any blocked arteries & Lyme disease testing. I do remember being eaten alive a few days before this happened.

If all these come back clean, then I'm gonna lose it :(

Also, I tried some Hawthorn tea before going to bed last nite & the pounding heart went away :)

I'll keep you guys updated.

Thank you for your support.

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