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Thanks for the heads up MKS.

About seeing a cardiologist; I live in Canada and therefore covered by the government for my healthcare needs. The problem is that the referral and/or processing time is slower than down south. A cardiologist here will not see me without a referral from my family doctor.

I've had a few tests done so far. Glucose is normal. There is no H. Pylori present. White blood cell count is normal.

Thyroid is apparently mildly hypo.

Also, my billirubin level has been fluctuating. I had it tested June 27th and it read 44. Then I had it tested again a week later and it read 27. (Normal levels are 17-22).

It has also been suggested that I may have Lyme Disease.

This "attack" was so sudden and acute that I doubt it was Lyme or Multiple Sclerosis.

It's been 5 weeks and I still have the following:

Stiff Neck
Dizzying Headache
Pounding heartbeat
Tingling in the extremeties
Purple nailbeds
GI pain (upper middle abdomen & same area on the back)

All symptoms are worse upon exertion.

I'm going tomorrow to have an X-Ray of upper GI and also an EMG (Nerve testing).

Holter Monitor on Friday.

I pray something positive comes out of this; only 21 and I feel like I'm past retirement.

Do you guys think cancer could have anything to do with this? If it did, would they find out somehow through blood testing (eg. increased white blood cell count)? I've been screened for every standard test.


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