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I am wondering, too, what you have found out. My almost-teen has had many of the same symptoms and a bunch of others. She has the burning and pain in her feet, pain in arms, legs, hands, numbness in legs/arms, slurring speech at times, problems coordinating speech, facial/mouth numbness, taste impairment, early satiety (getting full after a couple bites of food), tremors, balance/coordination problems, dizziness, hot/cold sensations, fatigue, all symptoms made worse by heat and activity, all sensations are messed up (feels like rubber bands around limbs at times, or cannot feel things at all), over/under judges limb movements, cannot feel sharp objects in certain areas on her legs, and the list goes on. First neuro noted weakness on her left side especially, but problems with their practice led us to another we haven't seen yet. She did have an MRI of brain/spinal cord that showed no problems other than reversal of cervical lordosis and arachnoid cyst. But I know MS sometimes doesn't show on MRI. I think they are going to do an EMG and spinal tap on her.

Again, just wondering what you've found out, if anything.

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