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hey all. ok so i was reading on the internet about how nail biting can mean someone has ocd. my family has all ways thought i had it but i never did. i read the symptoms and took the online tests on many med. websites and all of them said i prob. have ocd. now ive been reserching it for a while and it said its a neurological problem which scared me because for the past 3 years ive had problems that doctors would tell me to see a neuologist for. right after i had my daughter i experenced numbness in my face mainly around my lips, i also had one scarry experience where i got dissorented and acted weird. my vision went blury, i went numb all over, and was dizzy. i went to the er, where they gave me a cat scan . they told me i just have headaches that are like strokes. everyday probs, i deal with is dizzyness, shortness of breath, muscle twitches/spasams. every couple of months i get pain in my wrist. it lasts about 1-2 weeks and gets worse with each day, the last time it happened my wrist started twitching/shaking. it wasnt constant. ive been looking up neurological problems that have symptoms of ocd and there are many. does anyone have an idea on my problem. Does anyone know if a problem of mine can be resulted by my mom drinking while being prego, my comp. pregancy with my daughter, and/or poor eating habits, as in the sence not eating much at all but not being skinny? if anyone has an idea let me know. also does anyone know of any public assistance or help people can get to go to the doctor? i dont have insurance and cant afford to go, and i dont qualify for my states medicaid. thanks

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