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hi liberty,
i have had iih for over 3 years now,iih is a very disabling disease that can take your sight.there any many varied symptons but the main are being headache that will not go with any medication and most have pappildema (swollen optic nerves) although pappildema may not be present with everyone.
all scans will come back clear and the only real test to check for iih is a lumbar puncture. after diagnosis patients are normally put on diamox to reduce the cerebal spinal flow.
if vision deteroraites any more then a onsf can be performed (where a slit is inserted in the optic nerve) or a lumbar or ventricular shunt can be inserted to divert the csf.
i have put posts on this board before regarding iih,ptc,bih and myself am having a ventricular pereteneal shunt inserted under stereotactic guidance any day ,so am hoping this is the end of all the pain.
if u think yoyu have iih then you should see a neurologist as soon as possible and keep a check on your eyes.
please ask if you need any more help xx

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