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A little background: I'm a 30-year old "healthy" male with no history of major illnesses.

A little history: About a year ago, over the period of about a week I noticed some strange symptoms surface. The first thing I noticed was that my sense of taste was diminished. I had no cold/allergy symptoms and do not have sinus problems. From what I can tell, my sense of smell remains unaffected. At the exact same time, I also noticed that my sense of touch was diminished as well all over my body. I can sense things such as heat/cold, pain, etc, but my sense of touch feels "dulled." I have tinnitus in both my ears that also surfaced around the same time. I have nystagmus, or "shaky vision" as well, that also seemed to have come on around the same time as the other symptoms. Other symptoms include twitches, spasms, shortness of breath, insomnia, depression/anxiety, blurry vision, and "brain fog."

I am hypoglycemic and do have other some other issues that have been around for quite awhile, such as ADD and OCD.

I've been to my family doctor on many occasions, I've seen a neuro, and an opthamologist (for the nystagmus) and everyone is at a loss in figuring this out. I'm convinced that this is probably some kind of neuroendocrine disorder, but I have a feeling that I'll never get a diagnosis because everyone seems to think this is stress/anxiety. Can anyone else out there relate to these strange symptoms? Anyone have any suggestions?

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