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Brain "stabs"
Aug 4, 2005
Hi all, I am new to the forum, I found it after searching for any information online.

I have been having headaches for about 1 week now, not really headaches but brain stabs, that is the only way I can describe them. It is a sharp pain in the back of my left side of my head and continues around to behind my eye. It feels like someone it picking my brain with an ice pick. It is not a constant pain but come in short quick stabs, about 2-3 a minute, sometimes more.

I am 36 years old, female with a very crappy family history. :) My sister, 40 years old in perfectly good health, or so we thought, died from a brain aneurysm on May 20 of this year while leading her class in a pep rally. So as you can imagine I am freaked. I haven't told my mom because she is still dealing with my sister's death and I don't want to stress her out anymore, but I am scared.

I went yesterday for an MRI, the doctor had ordered an MRA but the lab did an MRI instead so I have to go back tomorrow for the MRA. It really freaked me out. My doc did give my some Xanex (sp?) to help with the anxiety.

I guess what I am asking for some information of any insight to what I may be going through. I am really not handling this well trying to deal with it alone and any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry this is so long.

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