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i am 21 yrs old......i have been having a very wierd feeling in the forehead part above my left's a very wierd's not pain....but it's as iff something inside my head is pressin on my brain or somethin....when i put my hand on the area....the wierd feeling actually like stems out to the back of my head....i started feelin this about 4 months went away a lil...and it comes back all the time....i do get like msucle spasms and tinglin in my fingers or feet alot....but it doesnt feel as if those symptoms correlate with the pressure in the head....sometimes it feels like it's crawling or somethin i cant really explain it....i had an mri on my brain about 2 1/2 yrs ago because i had been expereincing headaches.....the results were negative....but that was 2 1/2 yrs ago i only started experincing this 4 months ago.....also the feeling doenst go away with advil or nethin because i treid that....actually the only time it does go away is if i have a few beers or somethin the feelign totatally dissapears but then the next day it's 10 times's to the point where i cant even where a hat anymore because when i put the hat on it just makes the discomfort worse....if anyone has any ideas i would appreciate the replies....thank you

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