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I've actually posted here before (well, not this thread specifically) and the people here have been really helpful. Back when the person in question's symptoms were pertaining only to his GI tract, they had suggested diseases such as IBS, IBDs, Whipples, but tests have all come back negative for those, and his symptoms have now progressed into neurological ones. I'm posting this here again because the GP he is seeing believes it could be an autoimmune disease or a type of a neurological disease, but she really has no idea. I'm hoping that maybe someone, in their experience, might have read something else like this and could point us in the right direction.

I'm going to copy and paste a list of symptoms we typed up a few days ago to give to his doctor, and then a short description on what has been happening recently with his speech. These will be in separate colours. (They're long, one is three pages in word and the other is half a page, it goes into details.)

[COLOR=DarkOrange]Abdominal Pain - in the centre, constant but usually worse in the morning and night. Flares with sharp, stabbing pains. The pain is becoming gradually worse: buscopan has stopped working (was on two pills, starting increasing it to three and then to four. Stopped with the buscopan when the four dosage didnít work). Dilaudid was started a few weeks ago: one pill was sufficient to numb the pain but two pills must now be used. Taken on average 3 times a day, sometimes less. The two pills work longer to numb the pain than the one pill does. Abdominal pain has been since March.

Hot/Cold Flashes - one minute I will be sweating and then the next minute I will be cold. Then, this is reversed within minutes or seconds. This happens mostly at night but occasionally happens during the day. It happens every night. The temperature is constant in the house: the other members living here do not undergo these same flashes. These flashes started happening about two weeks ago. These also occur while I am outside.

Joint pain - arthritic joint pain: by this, I mean a dull ache that happens at my elbow, shoulders, knees and hips. This started happening about five months ago and occurs at irregular intervals. It hurts to walk and stuff, but it lasts around ten minutes but goes away so I never take anything for it.

Weight Loss - 40lbs although I eat well-balanced meals, and my mum and Michelleís mum do cook sweets (cookies, cupcakes, cheesecake) in efforts to fatten me up.

Itchiness - all around, moves around almost like shocks: moves around to different points of my body within second of each other. Regular allergy medicines do not work against it. It started happening about a week ago. There is no evidence of a rash where the itchiness has been.

Eye problems - stuff (inanimate objects seem more 3D) jumping out and pain (stabbing) behind eyeballs. My night vision is not what it used to be, the same amount of light that I used to be able to see by I cannot distinguish objects such as a suitcase and a hair band because they were both black, the mellowed into one. At times my vision will go blurry and it will take a few seconds before it returns into focus.

Coordination - hard to do fine movements such as painting a model airplane which I was able to do prior this, jewellery work on that ring I did for Michelle, etc.

Balance - trouble at times. When it is dark out, walking in a straight line would be difficult, and I resemble some drunkard stumbling down the hallway. This lack of balance has been going on for about two-three months.

Tingling in extremities - tingling sensation in the fingers and toes. When one arm is higher than the other, it feels as though one is heavier and the blood is rushing from the heavier one to the lighter one. But this doesnít happen all the time. My right arm has shooting pains, feels as though itís electricity, and has been happening only recently. Numbness has been occurring in my toes.

Blisters on hands and feet - they are returning. They weep a clear fluid.

Fatigued - feels as though Iím constantly trying to catch my breath. I could sleep for 18 hours a day if Michelle let me, but then I wouldnĎt eat anything and she doesnít think that is good. On most days, I go to sleep around 10pm, wake up around 12pm and take a nap in the afternoon for about 3-4 hours. I eat lunch and supper, medium sized meals for a young man. On days where I have to go somewhere, I go back to sleep or go to sleep earlier that night, around 7pm. I donít have a stamina, Iím always run-down and feel like I just ran 100 miles.

Loss of appetite - I ate more when I was healthy, but I do eat. Food has no taste for me anymore, the foods which I loved to eat I donít want to eat because they all taste bad and nothing really appeals to me anymore. I eat medium-sized meals for a guy, more than the young woman and mum in my house though. I am drinking a meal-replacement drink in the morning now in hopes of gaining weight, or Michelleís instant carnation breakfasts which have similar nutritional value but that has not helped. I have tried to gain weight but I keep losing it!

Tremors/ Twitch - Iíve been noticing in the past week (although they could have been happening longer than that) that Iíll be shaking or Iíll have twitches throughout my body (sudden jerks).

Low b12 - Unknown if this is a symptom of, or a cause of the disease. (Pernicious Anaemia)

Hearing loss and ringing in ears - periodical

Chest pain - sharp stabbing pains in the left side, upper chest of the chest only. Comes for 5 minutes to an hour before leaving. On Friday (Aug 26) Michelle and I had to ran for the bus and immediately I felt chest pain. Chest pain started happening after I lost the initial 40lbs, around four months ago.

Bad breath - bad breath even after I brush my teeth or after I eat.

Easily confused and irritated, and disorientated at times.

Memory-loss - Irritable and gets frustrated when there is something he cannot remember. Short-term memory has gone down, cannot remember the events of three days ago, cannot remember to tell the doctors about all his symptoms.

Urinary Tract - hard to initiate urination. Once stopped, flush and everything, about five minutes later, a few leaks will happen sometimes. This started happening about two weeks ago.

Bowel Movements - Dense, like rocks. Mucous present, sometimes come out odd colours, sorta greenish. A bit hard to pass but I have a bowel movement every day. All the stools sink to the bottom. This started happening in the last couple weeks, maybe as far back as a month.

Coughing - Iím noticing thereís been a lot of mucous in my throat, and Michelleís mum has noticed Iíve been coughing for months.

Other weird feelings that donít have a category - I get these weird feelings a lot that I just canít put into a words. Non-emotions, feelings. Like sensory-overload. These have been becomes worse, very very worse lately. Last night, was the worst it has been: I was nauseated, I had a major migraine, my eyes hurt, it felt as though I had ran a marathon, I was sweating--my blanket was soaked in sweat. I was dizzy, shaking, having hot/cold flashes within second of each other, or half by body was cold and the other half was hot, and my chest hurt. I had the phone next to me in case that I had to call 911 or my mum and go to the ER. In fact, I would have called 911 if I had the money, but I didnít want to sit in the ER for hours on end so I didnít call my mum. This was the worse case of these fits Iíve had, but they are constantly escalating and Iím sure the next one will be worse than this one, because this is the way itís been going. In short, I was going through absolute hell!

--continued in a second post--

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