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Re: Mra
Sep 16, 2005
I already had it done and was told that it looks at the blood vessels in the brain.. the MRI that I already had done looks at the brain structure.

What symptoms don't I have? Hmm.. Well I have a constant heavy foggy feeling in my head everyday. Sometimes I have a migraine for 4 days straight. I also get a zapping sensation in my head at times. Oh and when I laugh a lot the back of my head has a buring sensation.. The best way to describe it is you know when you blow up a lot of balloons and you get that burning tingle feeling in your cheeks? That is what I feel in the back of my head.
Along with my head issues I have tingles and numbness in my arms and legs. I have been cleared by a neuro and now they are checking my brain. The next step is to see a doctor to make sure my blood flow is ok. If not that then I will do to an endocronologist to check all my hormone levels.. after that... I will probably give up. LOL. As long as I get these big tests out of the way and I know it's nothing "serious" then I can stop worrying every day that I am going to pass out and die.

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