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I have had a 7-year history of anxiety and depression (I have never had a physical check up in all this time.

Six months ago, I lost the muscles in the right side of my face my face just drooped down on one side. The next day my face was ok, but I had a headache that was so bad my nose bled. The following day, my anxiety panic attacks had come back, but for some reason, it feels different this time.

Since the face/headache, I have been having spells where I get a bad smell (I am able to identify that the smell is not coming from anywhere) and then I just kind of space out and almost lose consciousness. I am even unable to talk sometimes, the words just won't come out. And I have this sensation of absolute out-of-this-world dread, like I'm in a time warp or something. It's really very distressing, and feels very different to anxiety and panic attacks, because I would never space out like that. I also just can't seem to get enough sleep, and I get strange leg twitches during the day.

I changed my diet 2 months ago, and I do plenty of relaxation and get therapy, but I don't really have any major stresses or problems in my life. I take lots of vitamins and minerals and lead a very healthy lifestyle, plus my personal relationships are very good, and I have great support. These episodes are so bad that I feel like I'm dying, and I feel suicidal when they can last several days sometimes.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

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