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I am scheduled for my 1st Neuropsych Exam in two weeks. I have already had an MRI (5/04), EEG (5/04), MRI & MRA (6/05), 24 EEG (6/04), 48 EEG (9/05), and a full cardiac work up.

I'm at the end of my rope. Somedays I just do not want to get out of bed - I'm so tired of feeling bad.

5 years ago I started having these small (5-15 sec.) episodes where I wouls lose my vision would fade completely and then it would fade back in.

2 years ago these episodes started increasing in freq. 6 months ago I started having other problems with these episodes. Each episode causes me to stand perfectly still in order not to fall, I lose my vision and hearing completely for about 15-20 seconds on avg., then everything fades back in. Along with having these from a few a day, to one every other day, I am now having dizziness, nausea (which then becomes vomiting), blurred vision, lights in vision, visual distortions (dorways/furniture aren't where they appear - per the marks all over my body), numbness of right arm and sometimes leg, balance problems (tripping up the stairs), speech problems, and the BIG ONE, cognitive problems. Lately I have a sharp pain in the back of my head, then in an hour or two my right arm aches and then becomes numb (and turns a little red). The next day will be bad cognitively and my balance and vision get distorted. Somtimes this lasts days, sometimes I'm fine ina few hours. In the past two months, I've had 2 good days.

Within the last 1 year I have been diagnosed with REM Disorder, RLS, and Narcolepsy. Somedays I can't get out of bed. Whatever "this" is could be causing the narcolepsy - so I may not really have that, it could be a side effect. The REM disorder is real - ask my "other half" - I broke his nose in my sleep!

They are treating me for Migrain with Aura - many of the Meds make me very ill. My verteran Neurologist (an ambassodor of the US Board of Neurology) gave up on me and sent me to Jefferson U to. I'm so special I get to see a three year resident.

Why I am worried - The resident gave me a small picture test (which I did notice said cognitive "stroke" test. Next thing I knew I was talking to a staff neurologist that told the resident this was beyonds his training and to schedule a neuropsych exam.

I think they are looking at TIA or strokes or something similar as related to migraine aura - but isn't TIA or a stroke an emergency situation? Why would they make me wait two weeks for the Neuropsych test?

I am so tired. I am tired of medications, trying to keep my full time job, trying to take care of a house . . . . I guess I am having emotional trouble with this.

I feel like the only people I have on my side is my God, and my Sleep Specialist - who just so happens to be the coroner (isn't that interesting).

I just don't know what to do anymore.

I started Elavil last night - I slept great - but had trouble in the morning and all day - don't know what will happen at work this week. I've missed so much work already!

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